10 Bible Verses for Broken Marriages

From birth, we are told how things should look and feel, and most of what we are shown is unattainable. However, when we place our hopes and expectations for our lives and marriages in the Lord, we connect to the “tree of life.”


As someone in his 22nd year of marriage, I can testify to this: There are no perfect marriages and no perfect people. In a marriage that worksyou will find two people who have many stories to tell of trials they’ve endured and choices they made not to give up on each other. In my own marriage, I have given my wife ample opportunities to choose to move forward with me, and although not in as great a quantity, she has given me opportunities, too.

But the reason our marriage is a success is not because of perfection. It’s a success because when it has been broken, we each decided our union is greater than either of us on our own. We decided, inspired by our faith, to work on our relationship. You can do that, too. When your marriage is broken, you can start by using these 10 Bible verses for broken marriages.

1. Lack of Commitment to the Marriage – (Proverbs 18:22)

Several years ago, in the midst of a midlife crisis, God impressed upon me that he had provided everything I need in my wife. Put into that perspective—that your wife is a tremendous blessing from the Lord in every way. Knowing that, a man can pour his whole heart into committing to being all she needs him to be, too.

2. Infidelity – (Exodus 20:14)

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