Weekend Information

The Retrouvaille Program begins with a Weekend

We are a peer ministry and our team is made up exclusively of volunteers.  We are not counselors. We are couples that have experienced the pain and near marriage breakup.  We offer a communication method through your problems.  The work begins with you each participating as a couple.  We are a Catholic ministry and understand God’s involvement in that healing process, however we will don’t preach and offer Christian Multi-Denominational programs.  Helping you save your marriage is our number one concern.

Retrouvaille is a peer ministry—that is: couples who have been through crises leading them to the brink of divorce are the ones who run the program. Experience has shown that couples who “have been there” themselves provide those still struggling with real hope and determination that they too can repair their seemingly hopeless marriage. Unlike other marriage improvement programs that consist of essentially just a weekend retreat, Retrouvaille is an 7-week long course that enables couples to break old habits, institute new ones and permanently change their attitudes.  The weekend begins at 8:00pm on Friday night and concludes at approximately 5:00 pm on Sunday.  The Detroit Community is currently using local hotels as a weekend venue. 

Most often, a Catholic priest is part of the presenting team.  The Detroit Retrouvaille Community also offers a CMD (Christian Multi-Denominational)weekend periodically where a Pastor Couple is the Spiritual Leader.  If this is a value to you, please discuss this with the Registration Couple and they will provide the upcoming CMD weekend date.

On Sunday of the weekend, a voluntary contribution will be requested to help cover expenses of the entire program (i.e. rooms, meals, & program materials).  No couple is ever denied an opportunity to heal and renew their marriage due to financial difficulties.  If you are concerned about the program cost, please discuss your situation with the Registration Couple and the possible need for financial assistance.

If you are seeing a counselor or psychiatrist, it is advisable to notify him/her of your decision to attend this Program.  If your counselor or psychiatrist has any concerns or questions about your participation in the Program, they are welcome to contact us.