Over 177,000 Married Couples worldwide who were considering ending their marriages attended Retrouvaille and most are still married today!
We can
(Anyone having marriage problems should) participate in the Retrouvaille program so you can say to yourself, your children, family, and friends that I tried "Everything" to save my marriage.
Give it All
You've Got
No marriage is given a "Perfect Marriage Handbook" but Retrouvaille is close. Retrouvaille teaches all the important ways to deal with day-to-day issues and longer term happiness. It is nearly impossible to complete the program, implement the techniques and not have a great marriage.
Tens of thousands
Have healed their marriage
The full cost of Retrouvaille is about 8.6% of the average cost of divorce.
You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
Give it
one last chance
You will learn more about each other than you have ever known.
You will not regret going... no matter what happens.
"It will renew and help bring joy back to your marriage, it did in mine!"
Put Joy back
in your marriage
So many couples have come to Retrouvaille feeling it was impossible to fix. Imagine their surprise when they found that nothing is impossible with God.
All things
are possible