Are you Depressed? Anxious?

At this point in the process you are merely trying to become more self-aware of the fluctuations in frequency and intensity or our various depression-anxiety experiences.

This post is an excerpt from the study guide which accompanies the “Overcoming Depression-Anxiety: A Suffering Paradigm” seminar. This portion is one tool from “ACKNOWLEDGE the Specific History and Realness of My Suffering.” To RSVP for this and other Summit counseling seminars visit

Identifying the types of anxiety-depression with which you struggle is an essential step towards gaining a clear understanding of the intensity and duration of your struggle. (Note: This is referencing the depression-anxiety evaluation in a previous post.) It is odd that we are not always accurate in our perception of the frequency and intensity of our struggle.

  • We may have intense periodic struggles that we continually brace against so we feel they are “always present.”
  • We may have several different anxiety-depression struggles that we lump together and give them a single name.


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