Can Your Marriage Overcome Adultery? Before you give up, I suggest considering the following qualities and questions of your relationship:
  • Ashley Hooker | 19 May 2021
  • Contributing Writer

You have had a courtship that only Cinderella could dream of and now your wedding day has arrived. It is the day that you have been planning for since you were a little girl.

Now, as you wait for the doors to open and take those first steps down the aisle, your heart feels complete. Your prince charming awaits you at the end of the aisle and once the vows have been made, your perfect life together begins.

This is the picture most of us think of when we get married. What we fail to remember is that the marriage doesn’t start until after the honeymoon. That first year and the years to come will include hard work to protect and grow your marriage.

But what happens when adultery enters the picture? Does it always mean the end of your marriage?

Forms of Adultery

Most acts of adultery are not planned yet, 30% to 60% of …. Read more here

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