The 10 Best Marriage Books for Couples of 2020

Best Marriage Books for Couples of 2020, Grow closer than ever Book Review

Grow closer than ever

Our Top Picks

Loving Your Spouse When You Feel Like Walking Away

“Marriage and family counselor Gary Chapman brings to light simple coping mechanisms that benefit all couples.”

No More Fighting

“It provides couples with effective communication strategies to confront their biggest relationship issues.”

Eight Dates

“This interactive guide is set up with fun dates that couples can choose to partake in, prompting open, safe discussion.”

Healing from Infidelity

“The authors discuss the trauma that comes from unfaithfulness while giving the reader a glimpse of hope and repair.”

The Marriage Counseling Workbook

“It includes an easy-to-follow eight-step exercise guide that inspires problem-solving on every level.”

Beyond Messy Relationships

“Therapist Judy Herman explains how no one is above a complicated relationship—or a complicated relationship with relationships.”

Marriage Counseling and Anxiety in Relationship

“It discusses how the concept of a good marriage and relationship can often lead to anxiety about meeting expectations.”

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