Top Christian Marriage Advice For All Couples Young And Old

Your expectations, hopes, and dreams can be sky-high because they are what you have from God, and not fearfully based on a spouse who is a weak human, and who can never be your unmoveable and utterly reliable Rock.
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If you and your spouse are a Christian couple, no matter how young or old you are, there is something that is strategically different about your relationship than simply a marriage as understood by the world at large.

Christian Marriage Advice

Here is come Christian marriage advice to enhance and strengthen your relationship:

1. Realize that Christian marriage is part of your discipleship.

A Christian marriage is between two disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. The singularity of being a disciple of Jesus is a good way to see the foundation of a Christian marriage. Look at Jesus’ sharp definition of discipleship and you will see that it is all-encompassing, and becomes your prime directive in all things.

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