What Husbands Long to Hear from Their Wives (In Their Own Words)

But in the day-to-day grind of life, or maybe because you’ve had tension and conflict in your relationship, you may not have reminded your husband lately that you really do love him. Do you need to whisper that in his ear? Do you need to recommit with your words, and your actions, to pursuing lifelong love?

June 24, 2021 / Marriage – General / J. Parker

A while back, I wrote about what wives wanted to hear from husbands, based on comments to a meme I reposted on the Hot, Holy & Humorous Facebook page. After a nudge from a commenter to do the same for husbands, I posted a second meme for that purpose.

The query to wives got over 300 responses, mostly from women. How many husbands responded to the meme?

Despite over 3400 people seeing the post and 1527 “engagements” on Facebook, I got a whopping 33 answers from men! I guess you gents are already hearing everything you want from your wives! ~wink~

Still, some patterns emerged from this small sample. Like last time, I’m grouping the answers into categories that could help wives better understand their husbands and meet their emotional needs.

So what did husbands report wanting to hear from their wives?

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There’s a joke that all a wife needs to do to make her husband happy is show up naked with a sandwich.

Now, of course men are more complex than that. However, the quickest way to some husbands’ hearts may indeed be through their stomach, since 5 of those 33 responses focused on food.

  • I made you dinner.
  • Honey, supper is ready.
  • I’m making dessert tonight.
  • It’s cheesy garlic bread.
  • I made banana pudding.

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