What is covered in each Post Session?

Retrouvaille is a 3 Step Program:

Step 1: The Weekend to build Communication & Hope

Step 2: Post Weekend Sessions (called Posts – See Below)

Step 3: (Optional but Recommended) C.O.R.E. Continuing Our Retrouvaille Experience; monthly meetings like Marriage Enrichment but with a Retrouvaille centered approach to maintain a healthy marriage.

Post Session #1Building blocks of a healthy marriage, THe 5 D’s of a Healthy Marriage: Desire, Dialogue, Discuss, Decide, Do

Post Session #2 – Effective Listening, Dialogue Workshop: Effective Communicating without accusation

Post Session #3 – Exploring our Family of Origin, How the family of origin affects your relationship, Finding and assessing our Personality traits

Post Session #4 – Self Discovery: Exploring our Needs, Expectations, Interests and Values. Your Personal Relationship with God and Prayer.

Post Session #5 – How to realize that Commitment and Love are Decisions.

Post Session #6 – How to realize that Forgiveness and Love are decisions.

Post Session #7 – Learning how to deal with and navigate Conflict. Learn Conflict Management Technique.

Post Session #8 – Introduction to Healthy Discussion and Resolution. Navigating Anger Management and Special Problems.

Post Session #9 – Intimacy and why its different than sex.

Post Session #10 – Our Sexual Relationship.

Post Session #11 –Marriage is a Vocation / Covenant / “Sacrament”. Family. Church. Community. What is C.O.R.E. and why it is important.

Post Session #12 – Post Sessions review. Sharing the gift that keeps on giving.

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