What Is Emotional Purity and How Can You Protect It?

Beth Ann Baus Crosswalk.com Contributor Dec. 31, 2020

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Protecting your emotional purity can be a touchy subject.

We approach this subject having been influenced by our upbringing, our own experiences, and by observing what did and didn’t work for those around us. The other difficult part of this conversation is that people tend to make blanket statements implying there’s a “one size fits all” way to be emotionally pure.

And let’s be honest, some people don’t even know what we mean when we talk about emotional purity.

While there are biblical truths that can be applied to emotional purity, it is also true that emotional purity looks different for different people and in different stages of life. This is a complicated subject that deserves attention, yet we must all take this topic to the throne of God and ask for clarity.

My hope is that touching on this topic will encourage more conversation, contemplation, prayer, and consideration.

What Is Emotional Purity?

Understanding emotional purity can be helped by thinking of it in similar terms as sexual purity. The goal of sexual purity is to remain sexually pure for the glory of God.

We want to be sexually pure when we’re single, meaning we want to avoid sexual fantasies, pornography, masturbation, etc. When we’re dating we want to avoid all those things, as well as physical activity that should be kept for the marriage bed. When we’re married, we want to avoid any sexual activity that doesn’t include our spouse, etc.

Emotional purity should be thought about in the same way.

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